Jim Crotts - Cowboy Poet

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Jim Crotts

Jim Crotts comes to us from Sweet Home, down in the Willamette Valley.   He can't remember when he didn't write poetry, and cowboy poetry is his first - and defining - love.   He's got a couple on the national Cowboy Poetry website, and is at home on the stage as well as in the saddle.

He writes mostly about what he knows and what he's seen. Many times he finishes up a campfire session with "... and I can take you there and show you."

For the past three years he's been the Promoter/MC for "A Night with the Cowboys" sell-out event, raising money for the local sheltered workshop.   He and his wife Janis live on their little spread they affectionately call Crotts Ranch. Email Jim at jim@crottsranch.com