Sweat on the saddle seat
                        Dust in the pad
                        Latigo... dry as my skin
                        Many a mile
                        Both good ones and bad
                        But I'd do it all over again.

Our lineup includes some of the finest poets and singers in the whole northwest:
                    Kathy Moss    >>   Award winning author and poet
                    Duane Nelson    >>   Many years with Ellensburg's "Spirit of the West"
                    Alan Halvorson    >>   Musician and songwriter - songs you can feel
                    Crystalin Christensen    >>   An absolute delight from Butte Creek Scout Ranch
                    Jim Crotts    >>   Carrying a war bag of words

          ~ Our joy is sharing the history and heritage of our great land. ~

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                ~ More Information about Teens & Mustangs ~

OUR MISSION: Provide positive life-changing experiences for trainers of all ages through the development of leadership, horsemanship, and teamwork while educating the public about training and adoption of Oregon’s wild Mustangs.

OUR VISION: By 2026, Teens and Oregon Mustangs will be recognized in the United States as a premier organization that improves the adoptability of Mustangs, develops trainers of all ages, and is critical to the healthy and sustainable management of America’s natural resources and preservation of western heritage.


Trainer Development – Inspire life-long learning and develop confidence, responsibility, consistency and leadership.
Diversity – Encourage a variety of training techniques that showcase the Mustang’s trainability across various disciplines.
Successful Adoption – Strive to maintain our 100% adoption rate and value the hard work it takes to get there.
Training Toolbox – Provide ample opportunities and tools for trainers to overcome any training obstacles in their path.
Public Awareness – Educate the public about Mustang horses, heritage, and management and the related management of natural resources

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